FKT: Brennan Henning, Ty Stephenson - New River Trail (VA) - 2021-02-25

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7h 53m 16s
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We started at approximately 8:32 in Galax, VA headed north. We had a short 7 miles that flew by until we met with our crew for the first time at Iron Ridge Rd where it crosses over Chestnut Creek. We then had a 13 mile stretch until our next aid in Ivanhoe where Brennan battled through some early stomach issues that didn't resurface for the rest of the day. From Ivanhoe, we went another 8 miles to Foster falls with Ty getting his dose of stomach troubles in this section, the final mile in was where it began to get hard for both of us. Next was a 12 mile stretch to Allisonia, with the first 4 going by swimmingly and the last 8 being much tougher. At Allisonia, we picked up a friend who would run the last 10 with us. Our friend kept spirits high for the next 6ish miles to Draper where we made our quickest stop of the day and pushed on to through last 4 miles to the end. The last 10 were by far the hardest of the day and unlike either of us had experienced. Our plan was to take it out around 8:30 pace to bank some time and take advantage of the fresh legs, knowing that the back half would be tough no matter what. This plan worked perfectly and we came in about 23 minutes faster than the previous supported FKT and 17 minutes ahead of the previous overall FKT, an unsupported attempt. We started our run from E. Stuart Dr and finished our run at Xaloy Way (ran the length of the parking lots) as we were not sure exactly where the start and finish was. The weather was about as good as it gets for late February (high of 57, low of 40) and it couldn't have been more perfect trail conditions. Overall time was 7:53:16 with a moving time of 7:30:35.