FKT: Brian Robinson, Peter Bakwin - High Sierra Trail (CA) - 2010-08-20

Route variation
with Whitney summit
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1d 0h 58m 0s

The first speed run of the entire HST (including Whitney) of which we are aware was done by Brian Robinson and Peter Bakwin, starting at Whitney Portal at 4:45AM on 19 August 2010. Splits from their 24h58m trip are below. Robinson was unable to train at altitude and had difficulty on Whitney, which cost a lot of energy and left him calorically depleted. The pair soldiered on, but took a wrong turn at around 2AM just 6 miles from Crescent Meadow, adding about 2 hours to their trip. They recorded splits as follows:
Whitney Portal 0h00m
Trail Crest 3h01m
Mt Whitney 3h57m
Trail Crest 4h46m
Wallace Creek (JMT junction) 7h40m
Lower Kern Canyon 10h50m
Kaweah Gap 16h19m
Bearpaw Meadow 19h24m
Crescent Meadow 24h58m