FKT: Christian Pecher, Jan Sasinka, Lino Baldessari - Innsbruck Peak to Peak - 2023-05-26

Route variation
Standard route
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
8h 40m 36s


  • self-supported (we had no one supporting or meeting us during the entire attempt, we carried most of our nutrition right from the start and only went to a supermarket once half way through)
  • team (we started and finished as a team of three and ran together the whole time)



  • Goldenes Dacherl (574m) > Hafelekarspitze (2334m) > Goldenes Dacherl (574m) > Patscherkofel (2246m) > Goldenes Dacherl (574m)
  • Even though it’s a Trig Point route, we tried to follow the track of the original attempt as good as possible, some adjustment were made due to snow, trail maintenance, wrong turns and water access



7:30am | 0m Goldenes Dachl, quick meet up and start 8:01am | 31m Hungerburg, then continuing towards the clouds on the Seilbahnsteig, trail partly erased and closed due to rock fall 9:06 | 1h36m Seegrube, then following the trail over snow and scree fields, short detour and off-grid section on the first steep bit up towards Hafelekar due to snow, afterwards mostly free 9:34am | 2h4m Hafelekar station, nothing to see, but fog, clouds and tourists desperately capturing the white wet  9:38am | 2h8m Hafelekarspitze, short photo session and breather at the summit, then toilet, lacing session and water refill at the station, wet slippery downhill towards Seegrube, two small falls and a Purzelbaum, short band-aid distribution, then diving straight in to the last bit of the downhill 10:38am | 3h8m Hungerburg, water refill and little cool down at the fountain, downhill past the Alpenzoo towards the dreadful valley heat 11:01am | 3h31m Goldenes Dachl, photo, photo then briefly to SPAR for soft drinks and junk food, well hydrated but still slightly melting towards the next climb 11:51am | 4h21m Lanser See, heat and legs say hi, short break near Sistrans at the fountain 1:38pm | 6h8m Schutzhaus, no break, straight on to the summit 2:00pm | 6h30m Patscherkofel summit, photo session and short break 2:29pm | 6h59m Lanser Alm, no break, straight down 3:20pm | 7h50m Lanser See, short break in the forest, it's hot!, short and refreshing dip into the Sill right before the finish, necessary and well deserved 16:10h | 8h40m Goldenes Dachl, finish, SPAR, non-alcoholic beers, falafel and kebab