FKT: Christof Teuscher, Megan Lacey - Badlands Challenge (OR) - 2021-03-07

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
19h 40m 23s
GPS track(s)

We decided to make an attempt at Oregon's Badland Challenge ( by using Christof's optimal solution to the problem:

The route "touches" each and every trail of the Badlands Challenge at least once. It assumes that you start/end at the same trailhead and that no cross-country travel is allowed.

We chose to start at the Tumulus trailhead, as the shortest solution suggests. 

It had snowed unexpectedly over night, so we had a bit of a later start than initially planned. The going was rough from the very beginning because of the snow and the soft sand. The snow melted out in a few hours, but the trail's surface remained soft throughout our entire "journey." Had we known how soft all these trails were, we may never have started! Lots of sections were simply not runnable.

We had two water/calories caches, one at the Larry Chitwood trailhead, another one at the Dry River trailhead, which made this adventure self-supported.

We were out there for a lot longer than we anticipated, but we got it done...eventually! After 19h and 40min, we celebrated with a beer in the car. 


Relive animation: