FKT: Christof Teuscher - Pacific Crest Trail through WA (WA) - 2018-07-31

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10d 1h 26m 0s
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"The goal was to crank out more than 50 miles each day. That turned out to be mission impossible for me. I don’t think I ever reached my daily mileage target during the following 10 days. That was very frustrating and demoralizing. Contributing factors for being slower were the heat and the bugs. There was little to no protection available from both, which added to the overall stress. Running with a bug net and with a jacket in the heat is neither fun nor efficient."

"Unfortunately, my wheels came off during the last night and day. I decided to move through the night to make up for some time. But alas, in a matter of hours, my feet more or less disintegrated in front of my eyes. Perhaps it was because the skin was unable to dry out during my few regular hours of sleep. Perhaps it was just the cumulative wear and tear. Perhaps it was the fact that I ran out of fresh socks and that the only socks I had left contained a deadly mix of sand and dirt particles that felt like sandpaper. Over the last 40 miles I was so much slower than anticipated that I ran out of food for several hours. The foot pain because of the blisters was excruciating. Several times I feared I would collapse in the heat because I had not eaten for hours. I had trouble walking straight."


Absolutely incredible feat!!!  A huge congrats!