FKT: Cordis Hall - Bear Creek Spire (CA) - 2022-06-29

Route variation
Northeast Ridge, car-to-car
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 56m 52s
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Snuck away from work a touch early to get run in on this. It was fine effort, but nothing crazy, mid-2hrs would certainly make sense on this route. The time savings crux might honestly be the approach from gem lake to the start of route, picking an efficient line through the talus and snow is hard! I had 10min on Travis leaving the trail, and never really gained any more time to the summit, but then was able to get some time back on the descent. Those final miles are hard! There are some really punchy little climbs on the way back to weary of. Fun day, would love someone to obliterate this though 😁