FKT: Courtney Clifton - Ancient Lakes Touch all the Lakes (WA) - 2022-03-20

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any route
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4h 32m 16s
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I attempted this route last week and missed Flat Lake so I went back today to try again. I started at the upper Ancient Lakes trailhead near Stan Coffin Lake and ran on the dirt path beside the canal until reaching Flat Lake and then Burke Lake. I ran cross-country a little to reach Evergeen Reservoir, which I crossed at the shallow end. I took the dirt road to Cree Lake and then up to the small cluster of lakes. I ended up missing Crystal Lake so I had to backtrack a bit to bag it. I hit Dusty, crossed over the coulee and then bagged all the Ancient Lakes. The climb up from Ancient Lake to Judith Pool was very tricky and I think I picked the wrong approach, because it was very sketchy. I made it in one piece, then hit H, Quincy, and Stan Coffin Lakes to make it back to the car. I ended up with 17.2 miles.