FKT: Dan Grip - Mohawk Trail (CT) - 2020-10-11

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4h 11m 5s

I did this as part of the Mohawk/AT loop.  My main goal was the full loop but I started with the Mohawk and pushed pretty good to see if I could get both.

The time when I reached the end was 4:14:48, and I subtracted out the AT road section at the start which was 3:43, which yields a final time of 4:11:05.

The trail has pretty challenging terrain to begin with, but the amount of leaves on the ground added to the difficulty.  There were also a lot of freshly downed trees to negotiate.  On the positive side, the rocks were dry and I used them to hop over the deep-leaf sections.  Also, the trail is well-established enough that I could still follow it with the leaf cover.  There's some really overgrown thorn sections that slashed up my legs just above the ankles (should have worn longer socks).

I started with 1 liter of water but got thirsty toward the end and quickly grabbed a half-liter from a waterfall on Bonney Brook. Most streams were dry.

I used Sarah (Ports) Conner's gpx which was spot-on, and I also totally agree with her that a better time would be achieved going for one route or the other.