FKT: Dan McCarthy - Slide Mountain - 2021-05-03

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1h 9m 42s
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Saw this route was created very recently- this report is from my run on this route from a little over a year ago.

Started this one late after driving almost 5 hours from VT to the catskills. Main goal of the trip was to do the Devil's Path for the Northeast Ultra 8 the next day, but I came down a day early to knock out this mountain for the NE115- hopefully meaning I won't have to make the drive to the Catskills again.

This one went by quick, not too much to say (or see- didn't take any photos). Very rocky in the first mile or so made for not amazing running terrain which was mildly annoying. Not a soul out on the trail, kinda eerie because it was misty and starting to get dark when I finished.

Looking at the GPX it looks like I couldn't catch a real signal until like a mile in- so the pace is all weird and messed up at the start- but it still shows I did the whole route and has the correct elapsed time.


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Awesome run!!! 
I also did this for my 115 coming from VT. Haha I saw I beat the record on strava and It wasn’t submitted in FKT. I also set one for Hunter as well immediately after this. It was a really good morning.

I’m also knocking out the NEU8. Hitting my third (GRT) tomorrow actually, and hopefully the devils path later this month. 
I’d love to attempt slide again while I’m down there. I stopped at the look out on the way up and the way down and kinda just hung out. I’d like to see what kinda time I can make if I’m really pushing.