Route: Slide Mountain (NY)

Submitted by Corey Perkins Time on Tue, 05/31/2022 - 06:12am
New York, US
6.1 mi
Vertical Gain
1,782 ft

Slide Mt. (not to be mistaken for Big Slide Mountain in the Adirondacks) is the highest mountain in the Catskills. It is also only one of two mountains in the Catskills that rises above 4000 feet. Being the highest mountain in the Catskills and located close to New York City, Slide Mtn. is a very popular hike. 

On the summit area of Slide Mountain lies two great viewing areas. The viewing area on the eastern side gives an excellent viewing of the reservior below as well as a view of many of the distant Catskills. This viewing area is located over the John Burroughs Memorial Plaque. The west view gives a great unblocked view of the northern Catskills and limited views of the east. These two viewing areas more than make up for the fact that Slide Mountain doesn't ever rise above timberline.

The 6 mile out and back taking the Phoneicia East branch trail about halfway up where you take a left at Wittenberg cornell slide trail to the summit. The actual summit is without open views and marked with a stone slap (pic), so make sure to visit this. There’s a look out .1 before the wooded summit.

GPS Track
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