FKT: Daniel Marshall - Pine Creek Loop - 2024-01-08

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3h 53m 54s
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I noticed this loop has been added a couple of years ago but no one has run it yet so I thought I would get the ball rolling. 

I ran the loop clockwise to get the road section out of the way first. There is a lot of traffic on Childers Highway doing 100km/hr and the shoulder is small when a truck goes past. After 7km you turn onto a long straight dirt road with minimal traffic. After passing the pine tree plantations, its a nice wandering dirt road down to Cordalba State Forest and then back up to Pine Creek. The loop was reasonably easy to follow. There are some hills but they aren’t overly steep or long. There is no phone reception in lower section however I did see a few 4x4’s so there is a bit of traffic on those back roads. There was a couple of creek crossings with flowing water, however Bundaberg had been getting a lot of rain, so I would expect those to usually be dry. Overall a beautiful loop and I will be back to do it again in the cooler months.