FKT: De Wet Kruger, Rehan Greeff - River Wey Path (UK) - 2020-11-28

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2h 58m 9s
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We ran the length of the official River Wey Navigations towpath, plus the few hundred meters before it from the Phillips Memorial gardens near Godalming train station where the current FKT "Wey River Path" route starts to the Weybridge Point car park where it ends. Cool (9 degrees Celsius) but dry day and not much rain in the week before so not too muddy for this time of the year. All and all a nice day to be out and a good result.

The path was closed in Guildford, on the island in the river accross from 'The Weyside' pub, due to a footbridge replacement. This is at about 7.5km from the start point in Godalming. Hence why there is a bit of a detour along the road on our GPS track to get around and back onto the path.