FKT: Dean Banko - Ghost Town Trail (PA) - 2020-06-20

Route variation
C & I extension out & back
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Total time
3h 26m 50s
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I ran the 12.20 miles of the C and I extension of the Ghosttown trail. I did this as a out and back giving me the 12.47 the activity states. I started at mile 0 marker and ran the whole way past mile marker 12 to the very end of the trail so it was a true completion of the extension. Its off the mainline in Vintondale. Goes through some nice scenic parts of the area. There is a handful of road crossings. Its pretty flat for being in pa around 860 feet of gain and descent for the whole 24 miles total. Its about 700 feet of gain on the way out with 160 feet of decent. meaning 160 of gain on way back with 700 feet of descent. I did this self supported. I wore a hydration pack and took what i hoped to be enough liquids but i ended up rationing some on way back. It was hot so i drank more than I expected. Only took 64 oz of liquids with me. It was the heat that day that made me sweat and drink more then normal. This 12 mile section is very runnable. true rail trail the whole way that is well maintained. So you do not have to worry about potholes. Lots of potential to see wildlife. There is a small creek for alot of the run to you side. Nicest part of the whole Ghosttown trail. As far as any local records go im also the first one ever to run it as a out and back. Some people ran it as a straight out one way starting at either end but no one else has ran it as a out and back. There are bikers who have but no runners.There is a cool quary shack along the trail a couple nice bridges and some old metal parts from mining back in the day. lot os history in this section.