FKT: Ellen Beth, Sarah (Ports) Connor - Mt Washington, Mt Mansfield, Mt Greylock Challenge (NH, VT, MA) - 2021-08-21

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12h 29m 0s

What a day! We started our adventure at 5:12am at Pinkham Notch and finished at 5:41pm at the Bellows South Trailhead.

Our trip up and down Mt Washington via Tuckerman Ravine took us 2:45

Mt Mansfield via the Laura Cowles Trail took us 1:42 

and Mt Greylock via Bellows South & the Thunderbolt Trail took us about 1:15

So all in all it was 5:42 of running and 6:47 of driving/transition time. There is definitely time that we could have trimmed if we had been ready to get straight out on the trail or back into the car afterwards, but a bit of transition time was nice, and since we beat all our goal run times it didn't feel like we were using time we didn't have. There was a bicycle race up the Washington Auto Road, but fortunately we got in and out of there early and didn't hit too much traffic.