FKT: Emily Keddie, Kyle Runyon - Mt. McLoughlin Circumnavigation (OR) - 2020-10-07

Route variation
Circumnavigation + Summit
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
9h 54m 55s
GPS track(s)

We completed the summit climb first and then the circumnavigation. More details in that report; the summit was quite smoky and affected us both. The scree was not nearly as bad as anticipated. 

Both of us have had issues with the data being accurate from the Garmin GPX to Gaia import the past two days; therefore the GPX track is provided along with links to my Garmin connect page with the two individual tracks. Since I stopped and restarted for each segment separately and Kyle recorded one continuous track, we used his total overall time. 

This was a tough route! We were self supported as we cached water at the end of the 8.5 mile pavement stretch. Also the trail on the north end becomes non existent for two miles, not even unmaintained- completely abandoned with no depressions to tell where the trail used to be. Would be nearly impossible without good navigation. Not sure the route creator was aware of this. There were no views of Mc. Laughlin the entire circumnav, and it was not quite scenic. Glad to have had a partner for this one for camaraderie and company!