FKT: Emily Keddie - Strawberry Lollipop (OR) - 2020-10-20

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4h 37m 7s
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My watch recorded over 4800’ of gain- and it certainly felt closer than this. I’d be interested in seeing if someone else finds the same. My Garmin fenix tends to be quite on the spot. However, this is the first time it’s not showing the entire route outline- it’s missing the first 3 miles, however the splits are all there and listed. I have a photo of touching the water at Little Straw Lk as noted, the summit of Strawberry was socked in with some rain/hail/snow, the trail after that was gorgeous side hill and enjoyable. Slide Lake was very pretty. Saw deer and mountain goats. I wasted quite a lot of time taking tons of pictures and about 15 minutes of standing still texting a friend about an upcoming race, but overall happy with this time as my legs were not very rested. A fun route with some extras by design. Nice way to tour the area for the first time. 
Plenty of water along the route.