FKT: Eric Yan, Laura Westmeyer - Three Fingered Jack (OR) - 2022-07-30

Route variation
Loop Around
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 52m 31s

Laura Westmeyer and I ran the Three Fingered Jack loop clockwise. We were expecting it to be hot throughout the weekend so we started as soon as we could when we arrived at the trailhead from Portland. There were rumors of lingering snow along the PCT; however, the heat from the past couple of weeks accelerated the snow melt and we only experienced a patch of snow that lasted maybe less than 25 feet. The loop is fairly straightforward and easy to follow. The only section that might be slightly tricky is the transition from Minto Pass Tie Trail to the Old Summit Trail by Wasco Lake. The trails were in great condition except for some overgrown sections on the second half. We encountered several water opportunities after Wasco Lake and carried all of our snacks. It warmed up quickly in the last hour of our run but we were treated to generous views of the mountains in the area including Mt. Washington and North/Middle Sister on this clear day.