FKT: Hans Kristian Smedsrød, Renée Hamel - Huemul Circuit (Argentina) - 2020-03-05

Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Route variation
Standard route
Finish date
Total time
14h 3m 11s

This is a circuit around the Huemul Mountain in Patagonian Argentina. It is a popular trekking trail which is normally done in four or five days. The official trail stops about 6km before closing the loop, but pretty much everyone walks back to the starting point over the mountain back to Chaltén closing the loop. We calculated the whole loop to be 71,5km.

This Circuit involves semi technical terrains, such as snow, glaciers, moraines and two big river crossings where you need to connect yourself to a zip line with a harness and drag yourself over.

The trail starts at the official tourist information center in El Chaltén. From there you circuit around the Huemul Mountain - entering from Rio Túnel Valley up to Paso del Viento, by The Viedma Glacier up and out through Paso Huemul.

Since I started my Garmin before the official FKT started and stopped it after it was over I've done my best to calculate the time and distance. It should be very accurate with a margin of 5-10 seconds.