FKT: Harry Madgwick Lawton - Mid Sussex Link (United Kingdom) - 2021-04-17

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 30m 31s

This was an absolutely beautiful run, and I'm incredibly thankful to whoever decided to put it together and formalise it as a route. 

It was frosty and cold as I set off from East Grinstead in the morning, not long after 8.30am. Yet by the time I had reached the river Medway the sun was hot beating down on me and layers had to come off. 

I only carried a 500ml soft flask, so it was necessary to stop twice for water (and Coca Cola): I carried more than enough bars and gels to see me through to the finish though. I stopped at Horsted Keynes Stores in the village it is named after, and once more at the Post Office in Ditchling. I think I was on the receiving end of some strange looks from the locals who were no doubt taken aback by the large rings of salty sweat on my t-shirt and shorts, but I was too engrossed in scoffing down bars and fluids to take much notice of this. 

Overall, I don't think the attempt could have gone much better. I started to feel twinges of cramp in my hamstrings around mile 30 (not helped by my excessively salty sweat I'm sure), so just slowed the pace down - especially on the hills towards the end. The South Downs and Devil's Dike were tough, but it was a sweet feeling running down the other side of them towards the town and eventually down to the pebbly beach for the finish. 

My girlfriend got the train to Brighton while I was running, but didn't want to trek all the way down to the stretch of beach I'd finish at, so I concluded the run in a fitting way: on my own, drenched head to toe in sweat, concerned my hamstrings and quads were going to seize up, and craving cold water and salty food. 

Fortunately I had a cold pint and large fish and chips in my hands not long after getting a taxi from the finish to where she was waiting. 

A great day out, and very pleased to have put myself on what is currently a fairly empty leaderboard.