FKT: Jack Wegmet - Kennesaw Mountain Park (GA) - 2020-12-17

Route variation
Full Loop (Green)
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 4m 46s
GPS track(s)

Tried and missed a section the first time but hit it correctly this time! Chopped two minutes off the time this go-round as well, so can't complain.

Went counter-clockwise to get the hard stuff out first; stopped during mile 5 for bathroom and mile 9 for water refill. Had two Clif gels (the second w/ caffeine, the first not) around mile 5 and 10ish. Was able to keep it pretty smooth: there was less variation in the mile splits once I got past the hard stuff than the first time. I might have been able to run a little faster if it was warmer (cold is not my forte) and I tapered for it, but I'm more than content with the time as-is. Happy to lower the record, and I'm excited to see who the first person to go sub-2 hrs will be.

Note: My GPS data's usually a little wacky, so I used Strava's elevation and distance corrections on the .gpx file. Didn't change the totals by a whole lot, but the elevation plot should look much more accurate to the terrain than my original file from my Garmin would.