Route: Kennesaw Mountain Park (GA)

Georgia, US
27.5 km
Vertical Gain
732 m

The Park Loop (aka "Full Loop") is an approximately 17 mile route combining multiple trails in Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. The park is located in Kennesaw, GA, about 25 miles northwest of Atlanta.

The Park Loop/Green Route (aka "Full Loop") is shown in the Northern, Central, and Southern section maps posted on the National Park Service website, Rev. 1.10 created by Larry Knight.

The route is primarily dirt/gravel paths, singletrack, and rock steps and includes climbs up Pigeon Hill, Little Kennesaw Mountain, and Kennesaw Mountain.

NOTE IF YOU ARE DOING THE FULL (Green) LOOP:  Carefully study the NPS map.  The Green Route crosses Burnt Hickory Rd on the Nooses Creek - Pigeon Hill Trails in BOTH directions.  It does not use the New Salem Church and Camp Brumby Trails!  To get the FKT you have to do the correct route!

The Red Route is a ~5.7 mile loop in the Northern section of the park, which goes over Kennesaw Mountain.

GPS Track


Hey friends! I tried to make a caltopo before running this, but messed it up pretty bad. This Strava gpx ( ) should be pretty accurate minus one Little hiccup crossing ward creek. 

It's a beautiful trail, go give it a burn!

Hey guys, turns out I'm and idiot and took a wrong turn near pigeon hill on the final bit of the loop. So don't look at my gpx, look at the North, Central and South trail maps on the Kennesaw Mountain website (like I should have). I'll give the trail another burn this Friday to redeem my stupidity :)

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Hey gang- I see that for men there's 14 faster times of the red loop CCW at Kennesaw on the "Mtn Red Loop" segment on Strava, including Emerson Plantico at the top with a ridiculous 46:00 (7:16/mile):



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RunningNaturalist I’m seeing that too now.. Emerson has to submit the time to register the FKT.. 46 is crazy fast for sure..