FKT: Jack Wegmet - Woody Gap to Blood Mtn on the AT (GA) - 2021-01-04

Route variation
out & back
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 27m 30s
GPS track(s)

A real solid stretch of trail. Had to take a bathroom break on the way out, so I was about 5 mins behind the record when I reached the peak of Blood Mountain. I booked it on the way back and miraculously slipped under the 2h 30min mark.

Had two caffeinated Clif gels (one before the Blood climb and one about halfway through the way back), a few Clif chews, and around 15-20 oz. of water. My GPS is a little off here, but I turned around at the outcropping right after the shelter that seems to be the highest point on-trail for Blood Mountain.

Note: My GPS data's usually a little wacky, so I used Strava's elevation and distance corrections on the .gpx file. Didn't change the totals by a whole lot, but the elevation plot should look much more accurate to the terrain than my original file from my Garmin would.