FKT: Jared Dybas - Rhode Island Lowest to Highest (RI) - 2024-06-22

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2h 41m 25s

Self supported effort on a very warm and humid morning in Rhode Island. This route ticked a lot of boxes for me. I like visiting state highpoints, I like running across states, and I like hills.

I opted to do a slight variation on the original route. The route shown on the fkt website starts at Collier Point Park. I started at 195 District Park, closest to the water as I could get, right under the pedestrian bridge that they have going over the river. The description of the route allows for a variation as long as you start by the water. 

The first few miles getting out of downtown were probably the worst miles of the run. The navigation feature on the watch came in handy, so I hardly had to think about where I was going. I went down the wrong street once, but I quickly backtracked and got going the right way. 

Once out of downtown and on Central Ave going west, it was pretty smooth sailing. The section from 165 to Danielson Pike along Central, Bishop Hill, and Pine Hill were very enjoyable. Albeit that is where the hills picked up. 

This is considered a self supported effort because I stopped at Cold Brook Coffee shop to purchase something to drink (apple juice lol) to supplement the 20 ounces of liquid iv, 20 ounces of tailwind, and 4 gels I carried with me from the start. Other than that, I didn’t receive any outside aid. Glad I got more fluid when I did, because I had just enough to finish. 

The section on Old Hartford Pike was definitely the busiest in terms of traffic, but the shoulder of the road is very wide. I reached the top of Jerimoth Hill and grabbed a quick photo before continuing on another ¾ mile to the border with CT. 

The time I am submitting is 2 hours 41 minutes. I started running at 5:45 a.m. and the time stamp from the selfie I took at the top was at 8:26 a.m. I paused my watch a couple of times, once to retie my shorts and when I bought the apple juice. Total time including running to the border was 2:49:20.