FKT: Jason Hardrath, Ashly Winchester - Gearhart Mountain (OR) - 2020-10-16

Route variation
up & down
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 44m 40s
GPS track(s)

Look for a larger write up to come from Ashly and my FKT weekend but...

After "Aria Zoner" decided to turn Gearhart Mountain into an FKT, I decided to revisit this old mountain route I hadn't been on since 2015 with a set of middle school students who had gotten into mountain running with me.

Ashly and I decided to go Mixed-Gender Team because Aria wanted a chance to snag the solo male time, "before I crushed it"

I had forgotten how unique the landscape is out here. It certainly has its own beauty. This was FKT #1 for the 3 day weekend. The mission for day one was to snag the mixed-gender FKT on Gearhart, then drive to the Hart Mountains and snag the Warner Peak FKT to finish with a soak in the Hart Mountain Hot Springs.

Went super light on this effort!

Didn't eat or drink anything mid-effort (Jason) but Ashly drank about 200 calories of Tailwind Nutrition in 500ml of water.

We finished with some Athletic Brewing "Cerveza Athletica" even though it was still morning and we had 3 hours to drive to our next running objective.  ahhhh, the benefits of refreshing non-alcoholic brews!!!