FKT: Jeff Mogavero - Wind River Peak (WY) - 2016-08-13

Route variation
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Finish date
Total time
6h 30m 44s

I got out last Sunday and set a new Wind River Peak FKT in 6:30:44. 

I hit the summit in about 3:20 and hung out for a few minutes to eat, drink, and take some photos. Weather was great the whole day except the last hour, when a big thunderstorm rolled in as I was getting to Roaring Fork Pass. Got to the car at Worthen before it started dumping. I did this run unsupported. Such a fun mountain to run!

Really lucked out on this one. Left town 3 hours after I wanted to. Got to the summit in 3:26, then spent about 5 min up there before I got cold and came down as clouds were getting unfriendly looking. I felt great until the turn on the Stough Lakes Trail. Legs were shot for the next 9 miles and I was getting dehydrated. But then it was thundering all around me, so I had good motivation to get over the pass as soon as I could and get water at the van. Yay! Only sprinkled a little, 
then POURED once I was at the van.