FKT: Jen Day Denton - Uinta Crusher Loop (UT) - 2022-10-04

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I started this route at 4:47am on 10/4/22. I had been eyeing it for a couple years and had scouted a few sections earlier in the year. Studying the route, I didn't understand why it doesn't include the true Ostler peak- so I added that. The route also was not super intuitive dropping of Lamotte Peak and then dropping into the valley only to skirt around the entire A1 ridge. I decided to keep it a true ridge traverse. I stayed on the Lamotte ridge and then ascended the full A1 ridge as well to hit A1 and Kletting Peaks. My watch died just after summiting A1, so I recorded the rest on my phone- hence the 2 different strava activities. I took a photo of the trailhead when I finished so the time stamp could be verified since my watch had died. I ended at 7:05pm. I'm unsure of the exact seconds, so I added 59 seconds for good measure. 4:47am-7:05pm.

I started in the dark and late in the year which ended up costing me a lot of time. Once I gained the ridge, I found that all the lichen covered rocks had a icy frost on them which made travel much slower than anticipated. I got lost in the dark heading towards Aggasiz and had a big fall on the slippery rocks 2.5 hours in. Luckily the fall only broke my pole instead of a rib :) The icy frost remained on the route until just after 12pm which definitely cost me a lot of time. But overall it was a beautiful, hard day in the mountains and I was grateful to get this route done and keep it a true ridge traverse and add in the lovely Ostler peak. Could easily take off 2+ hours with no frost and not getting lost. 

Excited for someone else to give it a good effort!


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Bravo on crushing this, a new overall FKT!!!

I have followed this loop for awhile. Psyched to see you get after it!

with stoke and gratitude!

That's rad - strong work Jen! Overall FKT WOOT!!  Your line looks a lot more elegant than the original one; makes me want to get back up there and do it properly 🙌🏼 in the cruxy bit heading over to Lamotte, did you cross the two big gullies on the east or west side of the ridge proper? I had a near-death experience on the east side in one of them...