Route: Uinta Crusher Loop (UT)

Utah, US
46.4 km
Vertical Gain
3,850 m

Submitted by Ron Winsett:

Ridge traverse Including Agassiz, Spread Eagle, Lamotte, A-1, Kletting, and Hayden Peak as a loop, starting and ending at Hayden Pass.

Why?  I have been hiking those mountains for over 10 years linking them up, finding the way to make it a loop.  I completed the loop six years ago in a 2 day stretch, and swore I would never do it again.

Well…3 years ago I wanted to do it in a day, failed first attempt, 2nd attempt I had back problems. So this year after training and completing the Great Divide, I thought why not.  So I went for it and completed it.  

Ron completed the loop in just over 16hr, but did not return to the TH - ended at a camp by McPheters Lake instead.  The complete TH-to-TH FKT awaits completion, and is about 47km.

GPS Track


Can this loop be done in either direction? And it doesn't go up Ostler Peak, does it?

Heading out tomorrow (7/19) for a little adventure. Will be using a spot tracker and garmin watch

My friend and I are going to check out this loop tomorrow (8/8) morning.  Using watches, following the gpx track posted on this page, looks like fun!