Athlete: Jen Day Denton



Fastest Known Times the athlete has set; possibly historical. Check out each route to see its current FKT.

Route Route Variation Style Time Date
Pico de Orizaba (Mexico) south side up & down Unsupported 3h 14m 53s
Pico de Orizaba (Mexico) up & down from Piedra Grande hut (Normal Route) Unsupported 2h 43m 54s
Grand Teton Picnic (WY) Standard route Unsupported 10h 40m 54s
Uinta Crusher Loop (UT) Standard route Unsupported 14h 18m 59s
Grand Teton (WY) TH-to-TH Unsupported 4h 15m 27s
"A Walk in the Park" (CO) Standard route Unsupported 12h 18m 42s
Mt Nebo (UT) ascent Unsupported 1h 14m 33s
Mt Nebo (UT) car-to-car Unsupported 2h 4m 39s
Kraft Mountain, Red Rocks NCA (NV) Standard Loop Unsupported 28m 57s
Mount Olympus (UT) car to car Unsupported 1h 47m 29s
Lone Peak (UT) round trip via Jacob's Ladder Trail Unsupported 2h 58m 6s
Broad Fork Twin Peak (UT) ascent via Ferguson Canyon Unsupported 2h 32m 42s
Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup (UT) Standard route Supported 18h 27m 25s
Mt Holy Cross (CO) North Ridge out & back Unsupported 3h 17m 19s
Pfeifferhorn (UT) car-to-car Unsupported 2h 14m 21s
Lone Peak (UT) round trip via Jacob's Ladder Trail Unsupported 3h 59m 42s