FKT: Joe Kennedy - Fremont Peak (WY) - 2021-08-25

Route variation
SW Buttress, car-to-car
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
9h 43m 54s
GPS track(s)

At approximately 0605 (am) on August 25th, 2021 I began my Unsupported FKT attempt for Fremont Peak. I started at Elkhart Park Trailhead and arrived at Titcomb Basin in approximately 3 hours. From there I began the ascent on Fremont. Please let it be noted that this ascent has no clear route from either Titcomb or Indian Basin. It is a serious CYOA (choose your own adventure). I did try to stay as close to the original route as I could. I do believe that hitting both basins is crucial.. The scramble to the summit was pretty straight forward, however if you go off route, there is potential for 5th class climbing. The summit was beautiful and completely clear of smoke! I even signed the summit book! I made it to the trail out of Indian Basin in approximately 5 hours and began my run back to the car. I filtered water and carried all my gear the entire way. Overall, trail conditions were still pretty wet/muddy from last week's storms. Also, the last 25-50 yards of Fremont had snow and ice which made the scramble a little spicy… Especially going down.. Happy to have got the opportunity to get out in the Winds and push myself both physically and mentally. Thank you Ryan for creating this awesome challenge! Stoked to see what someone else can do on this route.