Route: Fremont Peak (WY)

Submitted by ryanatkins on Sat, 08/15/2020 - 09:09pm
Wyoming, US
34 mi
Vertical Gain
7,533 ft

Fremont Peak is the second highest mountain in the Wind River Range and the third highest in Wyoming. Barely visible from the plains to the east, it is highly dominant from the west where it appears to be the range highpoint. A Continental Divide summit, its most popular route is a steep scramble reached from the most popular trailhead in the range, normally in a multi-day trip. Fremont also provides multi-pitch (to Grade IV) technical routes on the high-quality gneiss of the massive south and west faces. The north face has alpine routes and is filled almost to the brim with one of the largest glaciers in the American Rockies. A vertical snow couloir on the south face makes the peak indentifiable from points 30 miles down range and, in fact, the peak is also apparent from peaks in other Wyoming ranges. Its history goes back to 1842 when it was climbed by John C. Frémont. Its status as the highest peak with a non-technical route makes it one of the most popular climbs in the state. It is also the dominant peak passed by mountaineers on their way to Gannett Peak. Though Devils Tower may adorn the Wyoming license plate, it's Fremont Peak that greets visitors on border signs. "Here was not the inn which awaits the tired traveler on his return from Mont Blanc" - Frémont

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