FKT: John Beard, Marcy Beard, Andrew Hollinger, Taylor McAlister - Mt. Elden/Dry Lake Hills 12 (Flagstaff, AZ) - 2021-05-01

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
8h 18m 36s

This was super fun!  The Emmitt Barks map is clear as to which hills are the 12 you need to reach, and the terrain is great for off-trail travel (with a few boulders along the way).  Interesting navigation, some trail running, great views, and a satisfying day.  Highly recommend this for anyone wanting something different but totally doable.

The group of us included two long-time runners (Marcy and John), two aspiring ultrarunners (Andrew and Taylor), and one Super Dog (Basil)

Our effort was self-supported because we refilled water from a gallon jug John had previously stashed on Mount Elden.

Note: Please mark this route as an "Open course"