Route: Mt. Elden/Dry Lake Hills 12 (Flagstaff, AZ)

Arizona, US

Jason Henrie posted this route, but didn't provide much detail:

An often times off trail link up of the 12 prominent summits (as marked on Emmitts Barks Cartography's Flagstaff Trail Map) on Mt. Elden and the Dry Lake Hills near Flagstaff, Arizona. More of an adventure run than a trail run. I have no idea if anyone had completed this link up before (but I always assume someone has...and faster). I completed it on June 18, 2015 with a time of 5 hours 45 minutes. I started and finished at the Sunset Trail Parking Lot at Shultz Pass. I didn't document it (provide proof) as my effort was a fun day out and I figured it was a slow time and could be lowered by a good chunk. Due to it's proximity to Flagstaff and the growing trail running population it seems like a no brainer to get more action by the more adventurous...or bored local runners:)

35.2301966, -111.5790018


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Hi!  Planning to run this tomorrow - looks like some fun nav up in the hills.  Going self-supported (water cache) with 4 friends in a group trek above Flagstaff.

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John and I are headed back up into the Elden/Dry Lake hills tomorrow for more off-trail adventuring, this time unsupported