FKT: Lee Butters - Pembrokeshire Coast Path (UK) - 2019-05-06

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4d 17h 4m 0s

on 2nd may at 5:05am i started the path at st the end of the 3rd may after 78+miles whilst attempting to upload and sync to movescount and strava in a rare signal window my suunto ambit 3 peak watch had deleted the entire logbook on the watch.this has never happened a result day 1 st dogmaels to pwll deri was gone from the watch and unable therefore to upload to either movescount or strava.thankfully though not ideal i wrote the mileage,duration and elevation in my guide a precaution at the end of day 2's thru hike i took photos with my phone of all the screens from that days activity.this was good as that activity was gone the next day.for reasons unknown day 3,day 4 stayed on the watch and perhaps day 5 stayed on as by then i had finished and was able to use a laptop and connect the watch.on returning friends have said they had numerous issues over that period and have later learned that suunto are making changes and updates to there sites. i hope these variables will not question the validity of this FKT.i will send pictures from my watch,guide book and finish etc. also my previous FKT on the whole of the wales coast path shows previous is important to write this to you guys as transparency and integrity are of the upmost importance with FKT's and the time we all spend on the trails should be honoured with an honest heart. thank you endlessly from all of us that feel just a little more connected through the FKT community of energetic wandering souls.if there is anymore information or help you need please just send an email.thankyou