FKT: Marcy Beard - Bay to Mt Umunhum (CA) - 2021-07-04

Route variation
Umunhum to Bay
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 53m 6s
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Last year I created this route because I was always inspired to run from the water to the top of this iconic mountain near San Jose.  Now that there's a downhill variant available, I couldn't resist trying it in the reverse direction.

Which was great fun!  I eased down the trails, gaining speed as the runnability improved on the way down.  Coasted onto the road, changed into road shoes, and just kept on running.  I was surprised at the speed (or "speed") my legs were able to maintain.

Since it seemed slightly possible that I might could break 6 hours, I hustled through the aid stations that my husband John had set up and tried to keep up a solid pace and posture.

Just a bit of weaving through the crowd at the end that had gathered for Alviso 4th of July fireworks, and then I touched the gate in 5:52.  Nice!

Kipley and I are 1-and-1, so I guess a "best of 3" match on the "out and back" is in order eventually  :)