FKT: Marcy Beard, John Beard - Mt. Elden/Dry Lake Hills 12 (Flagstaff, AZ) - 2021-11-20

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Standard route
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Mixed-gender team
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Total time
7h 0m 36s
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[Request to Admin: Please mark this route as an "Open course"]

John and I had a great time roaming around in the hills again, with occasional views of the San Francisco Peaks and Flagstaff.  The weather was perfect, the forest is in good condition, and the ponderosa pines make me happy.

We spent a little extra time trying to verify the exact summit location of each of the hills.  I believe everything from our first run in May was perfect (and repeated this time) except we still have a question about the exact high point at Devils Head.  It's a ridge with a couple bumps that we explored further this time.  Might be worth more study in a scouting trip.

Super fun, highly recommend other folks taking a shot at this.

Note: I didn't find any guidelines related to mid-run pack drops.  We brought all supplies in with us (nothing pre-stashed) and carried everything out with us (nothing left on the course).  But we did drop one backpack for an out-and-back section, then picked it up on the way back by.  This seems within the "unsupported" spirit, but if it moves us to the "self supported" category, no problem.