FKT: Marcy Beard, John Beard - Zion Downhill (UT) - 2021-08-25

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
16h 56m 34s

Well I totally misunderestimated that one!  This is a big route, and more challenging than the map and elevation profile suggests.  We have some decent experience navigating and moving cross-country, and the Zion Downhill kicked my butt.  John seems fairly unscathed, at least.  Our main accomplishment, besides finishing it (and once you start, what choice do you have, really?) was carrying just enough water and food to get us through the multiple unexpected hours.

I have a definite lack of speed on the more technical/steep/bushwhacky stuff.  John could have gotten it done much faster, but chose to stick around to help me through.

What a great way to experience parts of Zion that not many people ever see!  We were so lucky to have the chance to be there.

Big thank you to Jared and Buzz for setting it up, Sean and Jason for refining pieces of it, and especially Jason for suggesting pants!