Route: Zion Downhill (UT)

Utah, US
28.4 mi

North to South in Zion National Park, west of the main Valley. Mostly off-trail.

START: Lava Point. Buzz and Jared started at the Wildcat Canyon TH (roughly 4 miles longer) since the road to Lava Point wasn't plowed. Everyone else has started at Lava Point, which they agreed would be "better and more logical." If enough people are interested a winter only variation can be added from Wildcat. The gpx on this page is one possible route from Lava Point.

FINISH: Anywhere on UT Highway 9.  

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John and I are planning a Zion downhill trek tomorrow, with a shuttle up to Lava Point.  It's likely we'll follow the Buzz/Jared route on the bottom end, to pop out much closer to the shuttle stop instead of having to do 4+ road miles back to town.  Not the fastest, but in this heat probably the most prudent plan.  Nothing about this is ideal, but hey, we're here!

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