FKT: Marcy Beard - Mt. Elden/Dry Lake Hills 12 (Flagstaff, AZ) - 2024-06-06

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7h 39m 57s

Back for another round of the 12 Hills!  This time a solo effort on a non-optimal day.

When I discovered that Schultz Pass road was closed from both directions, it initially seemed like this FKT wasn't accessible at the moment.  But then I realized I could access the top of Elden Mountain from the other side, so I could start in the middle of the normal loop.  It would involve an extra 2300' of climbing/descent on either end... sure, why not!

John came up Elden with me to carry my water for the day (thanks John!) then he turned around and I covered the 12 Hills route solo.

I ran through the normal start/finish Sunset parking lot to keep the route exactly the same as the FKT description.

Partway through climbing all of those steep little hills, I started questioning my decision to begin the day by climbing Elden.  It was definitely a slower effort than I might be capable of, possibly moderated by warm temperatures.  Plus I didn't have John to help with off-trail travel path finding.

I didn't climb to the tippy-top of all the summit boulders.  I'm not a rock scrambler by nature, and I wasn't comfortable trying it by myself.  Little Elden in particular is a challenge.  I ended up clambering around on the rocks and wasting time trying to find an easy way up, but I think it should be acceptable to reach the high point on land.  I'm open to discussion about this if anyone has a different opinion.

Devils Head continues to bedevil me; the ridge is about the same height the whole way along it, but I should have verified my position vs. the triangle on the map.  I guess I'll just have to run this again in the future!

It was fun seeing new trails, trail re-routes, and other minor changes up in that area.  Always great scenery and I love running in the ponderosas and aspens.  Thank you Jason for putting this FKT on the site!