FKT: Marcy Beard - San Jacinto Peak (CA) - 2018-12-29

Route variation
Cactus to Clouds (C2C2C)
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
13h 30m 4s

It's a big one! On par with the climb to the top of Maui, 10,000+ feet of uphill, turn around and head back down. I love desert running so I was very happy to be back on the Skyline Trail. This time I kept going above the tram station, using microspikes on the hard-packed snow. Great weather - sunny skies - just some gusty winds that kept the temps cold most of the day (I should have worn tights - got a few comments about my bare legs from the more-sane hikers on the upper trails). I was pleased to get down past the Rescue 2 box before it got dark again, beating my time estimates quite handily. Overall - Gorgeous views, good challenge, an interesting and fun day.

Picnic tables - 26:28
Rescue 1 - 1:07:43 (41:15)
Rescue 2 - 3:12:27 (2:04:44)
Grubbs Notch - 5:03:12 (1:50:44)
Leaving the ranger station - 5:24:56 (21:44)
San Jacinto Peak - 7:29:32 (2:04:36)
Ranger station - 9:01:33 (1:32:00)
Rescue 2 - 10:41:06 (1:39:33)
Rescue 1 - 12:29:37 (1:48:31)
Picnic tables - 13:07:04 (37:28)
Finish - 13:30:04 (23:00) -- first reported female FKT for this route

Note: I refilled water at the ranger station faucet, which past FKT runners have done. Those efforts are labeled "self-supported", while I have been using "unsupported" for other routes with similar manmade water sources. I ran solo and received no other aid, so I'm tentatively labeling this FKT as "unsupported" but I have no issue with this one being labeled "self-supported" to keep it in line with previous runs.

Full trip report:

Note that Marcy carried an InReach during the run.