FKT: Marcy Beard - Skyline to the Sea Trail (CA) - 2018-04-19

Route variation
out & back
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Finish date
Total time
15h 1m 11s
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Round-trip on the Skyline to the Sea trail, from the lower parking lot (the sea), via Big Basin and Waterman camp, to Saratoga Gap (the skyline), and back down.

Slight detour required in Big Basin park because 0.4 mi of the Skyline to the Sea trail is closed. I took the Sunset Trail to Middle Ridge Road back to the S2S trail (added 0.2 miles and possible a bit more climb/descent).
No assistance other than getting water from spigots at Big Basin and Waterman camp.
One way times: From the sea to the skyline = 7:37:02, return from the skyline back to the sea = 7:24;09
Blog post with trip report forthcoming

Here's the trip report: