FKT: Marieve Fontaine, Veronique Lecuyer - La Boucle du Diable (QC, Canada) - 2021-07-11

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 2m 29s

Here is the breakdown of this route: The first 27 kilometers are on forest roads which allows for fast running. There is a campground where you can refill your water as needed at kilometer 24. km 28-38 are on technical single track (back in the woods) with good but manageable elevation. The final kilometers are back on forest roads mainly descending and fast. During this route, you go by several beautiful waterfalls and lakes. Our run was scheduled on a very hot day, so we needed to cool down in a waterfall to lower our body temperature, an added bonus for anyone who is willing to waste a few minutes! For those who prefer being immersed in the woods on technical grounds, this route might not be the best since 3/4 is on dirt roads. Overall, a nice loop that ends and begins at the popular Monroe Lake.