FKT: Matt Pacheco - Long 7 Sisters 22 (MA) - 2023-07-23

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 14m 47s

In line with Steve and Peter's efforts I considered this more of a training run than a hard concentrated effort, not pushing it too much til mile 12-13. Kept it easy on most of the climbs throughout to save strength which worked out pretty nicely as both halves were about an even split and there wasn't too much suffering. There were a couple dumb navigational errors which added on a bit more climbing and probably about a couple minutes. For a day in summer 2023 this was pretty mild weather-wise which was appreciated. Overall consumed about 2L, 670 calories, and some salt pills. Can be kind of tough to go unsupported here because there's basically no filtering spots (other than some dank stillwater near the beginning/end) but 2L got me through pretty well on this go. Plus no cramps! All in all happy to get in a decent time my first attempt on this infamous route, certainly could improve upon it with a more intentional effort and fresher legs but that can wait.