FKT: Matt Rees - Katy Trail (MO) - 2009-07-24

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4d 11h 13m 25s

This was posted on, it seems to be from David Stores.  The links to photos are broken.

My friend, Matt Rees, Bob(our jogging stroller) and I finished our run
across Missouri (including the whole Katy Trail, the longest of all
the rails to trails) at the St. Louis arch on Saturday, July 25 (2:30
pm). We started our journey on Sunday, July 19th at Klapmeyer Park
(State Line Rd)in Kansas City. The journey was hard with a few 50 mile
plus days. Due to the swelling of my feet and an allergic reaction
with the lime found on the trail (mixed with sweat) I had to take a
day off (thus only running 250 miles across Missouri and 155 miles of
the Katy Trail. Meanwhile, my friend, Matt, never quit and was able
to run the whole way. I joined Matt a day later, 70 miles down the
trail to run the last 60 to 70 miles in together. We finished the
Katy Trail in St. Charles Friday night at 9:43pm to the hoots and
hollers of Matt's family. His time for completing the whole 225 mile
long Katy Trail trail was 107 hrs, 13 minutes and 25 seconds. I
imagine that would be a record for crossing the whole Katy Trail on
foot. I am in the process of writing a report which I will post later.
Here are some pictures of the journey:
posted Jul 27 2009 9:06PM - David, Washington, MO
Wow, very impressive! Congrats on a BIG accomplishment!
posted Jul 28 2009 8:15AM - MAH, Blue Springs, MO
Congrats David! What an accomplishment! And you even got to see Eddie Murphy! ;)

Great pictures...
posted Jul 28 2009 5:04PM - Local from Columbia, Columbia
Almost unbelievable. Congratulations! That's faster than some of us can ride it. :) :) Looking forward to your report.
posted Jul 29 2009 9:21AM - jd, gkc
This article just came out of the Missourian about the run:
posted Jul 29 2009 5:00PM - David, Washington, MO