FKT: Matthew De Witt - Skokie Valley Trail (Lake County, IL) - 2021-02-20

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 36m 46s

Chilly start to my morning run! Brrr!

First long run of my 12-week training plan. Also my Team Nuun Hydration FKT Challenge.

I decided to establish the first FKT on the Skokie Valley Bike Path (unsupported, out and back). When I started, the temperature was only 1-degree F, with a Real Feel around -6. The low temp, plus the moisture in the air, caused a lot of frost on my head and face. It took about 2 miles to get my fingers warm, and nearly 4 miles to get my toes warm. The nice part was running with the sun in my face, once it rose high enough over the trees.

I started on the north end of the path, which starts along Illinois Route 176, intersecting with the North Shore Bike Path, in Lake Bluff, Illinois. The path was plowed really well at the beginning, and overall it was plowed the entire stretch of the trail. There was only a very thin layer of snow on the path, and nearly no ice. I didn't pass a single soul in the first 12 miles of my run.

I turned around at the END sign on the south end of the path, which was short of the initial measured distance of the trail. Doing so made the trail 9.53mi long, instead of 9.57mi. The return trip back brought a little life into my run. I passed one runner who was traveling south, and I passed another person in the last 2 miles.

When I finished, it was about 13°. A nice warmup!

Overall, lots of fun!!

My running pack included one slushie and one unfrozen bottle of Nuun Hydration Citrus Mango Endurance with Orange Mango Sport, as well as, three slightly frozen packets of GU Energy Labs gels. I was entertained along run by multiple episodes of NPR's Ask Me Another and Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me.

I am happy to establish this FKT on this new route. I know my time will be eclipsed, the only questions are how soon it will happen and how fast it will be.

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