FKT: Matthew Matta - Fort Ransom State Park Loop (ND) - 2021-11-11

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1h 14m 9s
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On Novermber 11, 2021 I ran the Fort Ransom State Park Loop. I saw that Dan had beat my old time a few days ago and I was going to be driving close by anyway, so I thought I'd try it on fresh legs. I started at 3:24pm from the trailhead next to the visitor center and ran counter-clockwise. There was a winter storm warning starting at 6:00pm and the weather was already subpar, mid 30s with blowing snow/sleet and 30-40 mph gusts. I'm still surprised by how beautiful this park is! I saw about a dozen deer and no other people. I ate 100 calories and no water.


Great job, Matthew! Ugh! I'm pretty sure I don't have 8-9 minutes to give on this route. I'll have to give it another try, anyways, when I have some time. I agree; it's a beautiful park. I also want to thank you for creating some of these FKT routes over the last year or two, because ND definitely needed more routes to be on the list!  So, thank you for creating them, and congratulations for regaining the FKT! I'll be back!!!  :)