FKT: Matthew Matta - Norway Trail (MN) - 2021-09-05

Route variation
one way
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Total time
1h 27m 52s
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On September 5, 2021 I ran the Norway Trail in northern Minnesota. I started at 3:31 pm due to commitments in the morning. It stopped raining right as I started. I used the new trailhead off the Echo Trail road since the bridge from the old trailhead that still shows up on satellite photos is gone. The trail was in surprisingly good shape considering how remote it is. The worst spot was about a mile in the middle with several large trees down and a swampy area to cross. Low rainfall this year made this area pretty easy to cross.

I got to Trout Lake at 4:59. I ran unsupported and didn't see anyone else after leaving the Echo Trail. I ate around 300 calories at drank 1/2 liter of water. Then I ran back to the trailhead. Most of the Boundary Waters had opened the previous day and the weather was beautiful, no bugs! The fastest time I could find for the one-way route on Strava was around 10:58/mile. My time was around 10:30/mile but this could go much faster once the trees are cleared.