FKT: Matthew Matta - Suomi Hills Redline (MN) - 2020-11-26

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5h 27m 54s
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On November 26, 2020 I attempted a solo unsupported FKT of the Suomi Hills Redline. I’ve been running there a lot this spring and summer, trying to figure out the best way to minimize backtracking and road travel. It’s been a fun project in a beautiful area that I could work on without too much travel. I started at 8:23am, working on the more complicated southern section first when I was less likely to make mistakes. It was right around freezing and there were a few flurries, so I probably brought more layers than I needed.

Normally there are more than enough opportunities to filter water but most of the water sources had already froze. I even ran past a few people ice fishing. There was a little snow on all of the trails but not enough to be a big issue. I consumed around 1300 calories and just over a liter of water, filtering once at a questionable pond but basically just consuming the water I started with. I should have consumed more water. I managed to get around in 27.15 miles with just under 3000’ of gain, finishing at 1:51pm. Then I ran the couple miles back to my car. It may be possible to cover all of these trails with less mileage. Could you follow my gps track exactly? Sure. But wouldn’t it be more fun to try and figure out your own most efficient route?!