FKT: Michael Whittemore - Martha's Vineyard Circumnavigation (MA) - 2022-05-07

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1d 6h 15m 5s
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I followed the original route as best as I could by swimming channels & traveling on foot using dunes, rocks, beaches or sand roads. This event was done to support Big Brothers Big Sisters. I had support all along the way from friends, especially Dane Holloway who was my main resupplier of food, water and moral support #chaa. This route was originally done by Paul Burton in the fall when water temps were nice. My race was completed in May so a wetsuit was needed. It made water crossing decisions difficult; I would’ve had a much better time had I not had to wait for sunlight or safe tides to pass. I recommend altering this route to include passage over bridges with minimal water crossings.


Regional editor's note: Because this effort did not follow the original route with respect to bridge use, it is considered a variation.