FKT: Mike Priddy, Peter Bakwin - Sanitarado (Boulder, CO) - 2011-05-30

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5h 49m
On May 30, 2011, Mike Priddy & Peter Bakwin did the Sanitarado in 5h49m, starting at the Mt Sanitas TH / picnic shelter and finishing at the Fowler / Rattlesnake Gulch TH in Eldorado Canyon. They recorded the following (approximate) splits:
Sanitas 0h26m
Flagstaff 1h30m 
Green 2h06m
Bear 2h46m
S. Boulder 3h00m
Eldorado 5h00m

They also ran back to their starting point, closing the loop in 7h35m (28 miles, 10,300' gain). The return route included running back from Chautauqua to Sanitas on city streets.

Here is a profile of the entire run. The first 19 miles or so are the TH-to-TH Sanitarado (ending at Fowler TH).