FKT: Peter Bakwin - Gannett Peak (WY) - 2009-08-01

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12h 39m 0s

Perhaps inspired by our earlier (18 hour) trip, Dave Anderson did a speed ascent of Gannett in September 2006 via the Green River Lakes approach (probably Wells Creek), making the summit in 8h20m, as reported on I do not know Anderson's round trip time. Anderson said "I bonked really hard on the run back, I even laid down on the trail and slept for a while, thus the slow car to car time."

I was unaware of Anderson's trip until July 31, 2009, exactly one day before I was planning another speed ascent of Gannett, this time via the Tourist Creek route (in order to avoid the difficult pitch in the Cleft of Wells Creek). In one of the many strange twists that sometimes occurs with these speed record things, on that day someone posted to a summitpost thread about Gannett as follows: "Just thought you guys might like to know. The current speed record for Gannette (sic) is 8 hrs and 20 min by Dave Anderson from Green River Lakes Entrance. And thats CAR to CAR. 17 hrs should be nice and comfortable! ha ha right?" I was following the thread on my iPhone, and was not able to research it further that afternoon. When I got home, I quickly found that the 8h20m was car-to-summit, not car-to-car. But, at the time the posting kind of threw me as 8h20m car-to-car would be an exceptionally fast time for any route on Gannett. Nevertheless, on August 1, 2009, I went ahead with my climb, and achieved the true FKT for Gannett of 12h39m29s car-to-car (7h00m car-to-summit), via the Tourist Creek route. The summitpost Tourist Creek route description is based on my trip.

My splits were as follows (elapsed time starting at Green River Lakes at 4:22 a.m.):

Start at Green River Lakes 0:00
bridge over Green River 2:02
Tourist / Wells divide 4:35
lower edge of Minor Glacier 5:45
summit 7:00
lower edge of Minor Glacier 7:51*
Tourist / Wells divide 8:54
bridge over Green River 10:57 
Green River Lakes trail head 12:39

*Includes 10 min. spent on summit.